A little bit of Brazilian Day Festival.

This year, the Festival has celebrated its 25th anniversary, with the Cleansing of 46th Street on Saturday September 5, and Brazilian Day on Sunday September 6, at 46th Street, also known as Little Brazil, and 6th Avenue, near Times Square. Presently the event takes over 25 blocks surrounding Little Brazil.

The event began to celebrate Brazil's Independence Day. That small celebration has grown since 1984, and in 2008, 1.5 million of people were there to join this festival according to official information from NYPD.

People around the world, principally brazilians, come to New York. Some travel in groups, by bus or airplane and others simply drive hundreds of miles.

In my opinion, this kind of event is very important to those brazilians who lives outside Brazil. Because they can know news brazilians friends and keep on touch with the culture of our contry. To know better, you can check out on website Brazilian Day Festival and see some photos and read the history.

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