Are you a qualified professional? Canada wants you.

Differently from many other countries, the Canadian government is encouraging the immigration of Brazilians to Canada.

Lately, We have seen on the news a lot of situations where Brazilians, when trying to immigrate to countries like The United States, England and Spain, are facing serious problems, even the immigrants who fulfill all prerequisites asked by these countries. But not in Canada, due to the rapidly aging of its population, the Canadian government are encouraging the immigration of Brazilians to Canada, since they are urgently needing more professionals to replace the ones that are getting retired. Other important factor is that Canada, despite its huge territorial extension, does not have a huge population. For comparison's sake: Brazil's populations is almost seven times as big as the Canada's population.

Even though the Canadian government encourages the immigration of Brazilians, they are not looking for any kind of immigrants. What they want is qualified young people, who can speak English and French at intermediate levels (or better) and are willing to adapt themselves to the Canadian culture.

So, if you think about immigrating after graduating, Canada may be a good destiny for you, as long as you fulfill the prerequisites listed above. Good thing is that we, LEA students, would be the kind of immigrant that the Canadian government is looking for.

Source: Bureau d'immigration du Québec à São Paulo

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